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Victory for Parental Rights Before the Supreme Court of Texas


Treigh’s in-law made this request despite agreeing openly in court that Treigh was a good father and a fit parent. On Friday, January 27, a major victory for parental rights was achieved when the Supreme Court of Texas rejected the request, thereby leaving in place the favorable decision from the Court of Appeals and ensuring that Treigh will retain his full rights regarding the upbringing of his children.

Victory for Parental Rights Before the Supreme Court of Texas2023-01-30T18:43:48+00:00

FFP Filed Brief to Defend Texas Father at the Supreme Court of Texas


In December 2022, the Family Freedom Project filed a brief, defending Texas father, Treigh Kalinec, and his children in what could be a critically important case for all Texas parents. Treigh Kalinec, a father from Texas, has been engaged in a legal battle where he is fighting for custody of his children. After initially navigating a lengthy Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation, the court sent Treight’s  children back to live with him full-time. CPS, the court, and all of the other participants in the case acknowledged that he was a good father who could care for his children well. Despite [...]

FFP Filed Brief to Defend Texas Father at the Supreme Court of Texas2023-01-12T15:55:04+00:00

Parental Rights Constitutional Amendment Filed in TX House


On Monday, Dec. 6th, 2022, Rep. James Frank filed HJR 58, an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would protect the right of Texas parents to raise their children. The passage of the Parental Rights Constitutional Amendment is FFP’s top priority for the 2023 Texas legislative session. A Parental Rights Amendment is the best way to ensure parental rights are protected for future generations. Right now, the rights of Texas parents rest almost entirely in the hands of unelected federal judges, who come and go regularly and could change their minds on parental rights at any time. Passing a [...]

Parental Rights Constitutional Amendment Filed in TX House2023-03-13T20:15:38+00:00

The Tutt Family


With the recent launch of the Family Freedom Project, we are reflecting on the stories of those who have sacrificed so much for parental rights in the state of texas. On September 21, 2013,  a four-year-old autistic child in the Tutts’ care wandered away from the home after climbing over a baby gate, out a dog door, and over a 5 foot fence. The Tutts’ eight-year-old followed the four-year-old but could not bring him back, so he stayed with the child while the other Tutt children notified their father Trevor, who immediately got in his car and began to [...]

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