We believe raising children is a family’s God-given right and calling.

We believe in empowering parents to raise and educate the next generation of leaders. Parents have the right to choose the form and style of their child’s education and are the ones best equipped to mold an educational path that meets their child’s needs.

Whether a parent chooses public school, private school, homeschooling, or a hybrid form of education, FFP works to ensure your rights as a parent are respected and protected. This takes many forms and could look like ensuring parental notification and consent on curriculum, how your child will be counseled while at school or outside the school, and protecting parental choice regarding what type of school is best for their child.

Through our partner brand, the Texas Home School Coalition, our team has been the longest standing voice for educational freedom in the State of Texas, having fought for decades to defend the right of families to guide the education of their children.

In the Texas legislature, FFP and our partner brand, THSC, have passed laws ensuring equal treatment of private and homeschool students in Texas colleges, vastly expanding private school and homeschool access to PSAT testing, Dual Credit, and UIL Extracurricular Activities, protecting the autonomy of private schools and homeschools, ensuring the right of families to homeschool their foster children, and pioneering now widely adopted legislation on issues such as Parent Taught Drivers Ed.

Our team supports legislation that empowers parents and families to make decisions regarding their child’s education and opposes any effort to undermine this God-given responsibility. This has often included opposing bills that undermine parental authority by teaching sexually explicite material in public schools without parental knowledge and consent.