Our team has been working for decades to secure parental rights.

We believe children are not commodities to be traded back and forth to settle disputes between adults. Children need loving parents and a stable home. And we work tirelessly to ensure all legislation that comes across the Texas legislature honors that. We believe a non-parent should not be able to usurp parental rights without showing that it is necessary to prevent significant harm to the child. You can read more about the campaigns we have worked on here.

Recently, tremendous victories and new initiatives on the parental rights front have produced substantial momentum for this movement:
  • Through the Pardo case in 2019, we drew international attention to the need for CPS reform in Texas. The following session, we worked with lawmakers to pass sweeping CPS reform through HB 567, leading to a 40% reduction in Texas children being removed from their homes by CPS. 
  • In 2020, we coordinated an amicus team and legal strategy at The Supreme Court of Texas and secured the greatest judicial victory for parents in Texas history. In CJC, the court unanimously ruled that fit parents, not judges, decide what is in the best interest of their children. The ruling has transformed family law litigation to protect parents and children at every level of the judiciary. 
  • Currently, we are recruiting amici as well as financing a legal team to secure a critical follow-up victory to the CJC ruling. In this new case, known as “Kalinec”, The Supreme Court of Texas will consider what level of harm to a child must be found before a court may overrule the decisions of a fit parent. With this case, we are poised to secure a victory we have worked towards for the last 13 years. 
  • Finally, we will enter the 2023 legislative session with a new package of CPS reforms designed to further reduce unnecessary CPS removals through additional due process protections for families. We are also championing a Texas Constitutional Parental Rights Amendment that will secure these hardwon parental rights victories for future generations.