Governor Newsom of California recently signed SB 107 into law. 

The law allows judges in CA to terminate custody of parents living in their states if the parent’s child shows up in CA seeking gender transition treatments without parental knowledge or consent. 

SB 107, which passed the California legislature with overwhelming support, empowers the State of California to effectively reach into families’ homes in all 50 states.

Under this law, a child from another state who runs away to California or is transported there with the help of another will be able to obtain gender reassignment care and even reassignment surgery without the consent or knowledge of the child’s parents back home. 

Even more insidiously, the bill empowers California judges to remove custody from the child’s parents. 

In divorce cases, a parent about to lose custody of their child could abscond to California, give their child cross-sex hormones, and win custody of the child under California law. 

A minor who runs away from home in Texas and gets a ride to California could go through transition surgery without parental knowledge or consent, and the parents could lose custody of the child completely. Any non-parent could easily use the law to transport a child to California, have them surgically transitioned without parental knowledge or consent, and then win custody of the child. 

Even if a child never visited California, they could obtain puberty blockers via telemedicine from a doctor in California, and the parents would be denied medical information about their child. 

One hundred years of case law from the United States Supreme Court has consistently reaffirmed the fundamental right of parents to make decisions for their children. Now, the State of California is seeking to effectively extend its jurisdiction to govern medical decisions and parenting decisions for families in all 50 states.

It is hard to contrive a more blatant violation of a parent’s constitutional rights than the one California is now on the brink of enacting.

Our team is already coordinating with other organizations and policymakers to challenge the law based on its clearly unconstitutional nature. 

This power grab by California against families and children from all 50 states marks one of the most egregious violations of parental rights on record. We remain dedicated to the protection of Texas families and the defeat of this unconstitutional law.