In August of 2009 Theresa Allen contacted CPS to protect her grandchildren from the unsafe and illegal environment to which they had been exposed when visiting their mother’s home. When the caseworker missed the deadline for investigating the case, CPS workers took the law into their own hands and told Theresa, “You will never see your grandchildren again.”

On December 4, 2009, a CPS caseworker forced her way into Theresa Allen’s home and removed Theresa’s grandchildren, without accusation and without court order, in order to protect her position after missing the investigation deadline for Theresa’s case. Theresa called the CPS program director in a desperate attempt to discover what was going on. She was informed that “pulling rank” in CPS was not acceptable and that they were about to “show her what happens” when people cross CPS.

Theresa Allen waded into an 11-month financial nightmare as she fought to regain possession of her grandchildren from the rogue department. CPS battled fiercely to discredit Theresa and threatened that they would adopt her grandchildren out to strangers so that she would “never see them again.”

After nearly a year of litigation, and not even so much as an allegation of abuse against Theresa, CPS lost the case, and Theresa’s grandchildren were returned to her. Our team has since continued the battle by filing suit against the CPS workers, who not only lied to the court and illegally removed Theresa’s grandchildren from her home but are all still employed by CPS today.