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The Tutt Family


With the recent launch of the Family Freedom Project, we are reflecting on the stories of those who have sacrificed so much for parental rights in the state of texas. On September 21, 2013,  a four-year-old autistic child in the Tutts’ care wandered away from the home after climbing over a baby gate, out a dog door, and over a 5 foot fence. The Tutts’ eight-year-old followed the four-year-old but could not bring him back, so he stayed with the child while the other Tutt children notified their father Trevor, who immediately got in his car and began to [...]

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“Family Freedom Project” to Protect All Texas Families’ Parental Rights


LUBBOCK, TEXAS - Texas Home School Coalition, the nation’s largest state based homeschooling organization, is launching a new partner brand called “The Family Freedom Project” dedicated to protecting the parental rights of all families in Texas. Launched at their annual Gala on Saturday, October 22nd, the Family Freedom Project (FFP) will be the only team in Texas holistically dedicated to ensuring all proposed legislation keeps parental rights intact. FFP will be in Austin full time monitoring legislation related to parental rights and defending families in the courts by gathering and coordinating financial support and legal counsel for individuals whose parental rights [...]

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Every Election is the Most Important, Including This One


Parents all across the country are shocked to see the attack on our children and parental rights. However, all these issues have one thing in common. The decision to allow such things in our society is made by officials that are elected by us, the voters. One of the most important things we can do to protect our children is to vote for people who will oppose such policies and will work to protect our families. Parental rights are under attack by increasingly aggressive, invasive, and powerful outside forces. Parents all across this state and the country have been [...]

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CA Law Would Help Children Get Gender Transition Surgery Without Parental Consent


Governor Newsom of California recently signed SB 107 into law.  The law allows judges in CA to terminate custody of parents living in their states if the parent's child shows up in CA seeking gender transition treatments without parental knowledge or consent.  SB 107, which passed the California legislature with overwhelming support, empowers the State of California to effectively reach into families’ homes in all 50 states. Under this law, a child from another state who runs away to California or is transported there with the help of another will be able to obtain gender reassignment care and even reassignment [...]

CA Law Would Help Children Get Gender Transition Surgery Without Parental Consent2023-01-08T18:29:27+00:00
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