LUBBOCK, TEXAS – Texas Home School Coalition, the nation’s largest state based homeschooling organization, is launching a new partner brand called “The Family Freedom Project” dedicated to protecting the parental rights of all families in Texas.

Launched at their annual Gala on Saturday, October 22nd, the Family Freedom Project (FFP) will be the only team in Texas holistically dedicated to ensuring all proposed legislation keeps parental rights intact. FFP will be in Austin full time monitoring legislation related to parental rights and defending families in the courts by gathering and coordinating financial support and legal counsel for individuals whose parental rights are threatened.

Texas Home School Coalition will remain dedicated to supporting homeschool families and educational freedom, while the Family Freedom Project continues their legal work defending the broad right of all parents to make decisions for their children, regardless of their educational style.

Tim Lambert, President for THSC and FFP:

“What homeschool families have always fought for in Texas is the right to raise our children as we see fit. Now we are seeing many families across Texas come to the same realization, that there are threats to our shared ability to raise our children that must be addressed and fought.

Our team has decades of experience in the Texas legislature and judiciary and has worked alongside thousands of parents. With FFP, our parental rights work continues, and can grow separately from our homeschooling work under a brand that is immediately relevant to all Texas families, whether they homeschool or not. Our team will continue to defend parental rights in each case we take on and fight any piece of legislation that dangerously threatens Texas parents, regardless of whether they are a homeschool parent or not.

Jeremy Newman, Vice President of Policy and Engagement for THSC and FFP:

“We have seen a real need to ensure that all parents are protected in their God-given right to raise their children. We’ve seen this here in Texas with CPS running out of control by removing children from safe homes, as was documented by the Houston Chronicle, and as far away as California with their recent legislation that permanently severs even an out-of-state parent’s custody over their children for the purpose of providing gender transition surgeries without parental knowledge or consent.”

FFP is dedicated to standing with Texas families against the ever increasing threats from government agencies and outside individuals. Our team has a history of prevailing in parental rights cases, all the way up to The Supreme Court of Texas, and we look forward to Keeping Texas Families Free now and far into the future.

FFP’s team has defended parental rights against overreach by CPS in cases like the Pardo case and the Tutt case, and we have successfully defended parents against attempts by third parties to usurp their parental rights, such as in the Clay Family’s case before The Supreme Court of Texas. Our team gathered legal help, coalition support, and legislative support to ensure these children could remain with their entirely fit parents.

In 2021, our team was a key architect of CPS reform bill HB 567, which produced a 40% drop in the number of children being unnecessarily removed from their homes by CPS.

For the upcoming legislative session, we will be undertaking our boldest initiative yet: a Parental Rights Amendment to the Texas State Constitution, and will retain a laser focus on all legislation brought before Texas legislators that could positively or negatively affect the right of families to raise their children.”

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