The following statement was recently made by President Biden:

“There is no such thing as someone else’s child … Our nation’s children are all our children.”  (source)

This statement suggests that everyone bears a shared responsibility for the welfare and upbringing of all children in the country. While this sentiment may seem noble to some, it carries with it serious concerns for parental rights. Such a collective responsibility approach threatens the fundamental, God-given, right of parents to raise their children.

Parents, not the government, are responsible for raising children. 

It is crucial to acknowledge and advocate for the essential role of parents in society. Parents have the primary responsibility to provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their children. They are the ones who can best determine the needs of their children and provide for them accordingly.

This includes making decisions about their education, healthcare, and overall upbringing. Parents have unique insights into their children’s personalities, interests, and abilities, which enable them to make informed and personalized decisions about their upbringing.

While the government has a role in society, there are necessary limitations in matters concerning the family. Government should never replace the role of parents. Attempts to do so can lead to a breakdown in the family structure and negatively impact children’s development. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge the limits of government and to advocate for the vital role of parents in raising their own children.

Sadly, there are many political agendas today that pose a threat to the traditional family unit. These include policies that seek to redefine or diminish the family’s importance and replace it with alternative forms of “family.”

A couple of examples of such agendas include:

  • Politicized, agenda-driven education
  • The stripping of parents of healthcare decision-making power for their children

Parental rights are currently facing unprecedented attacks. 

However, many families, organizations, and statesmen are committed to defending and safeguarding the family unit.

We believe parents love their children the most, and we are here to say that families and freedom must come first.

The family unit is the cornerstone of society, and a healthy family is necessary for building strong communities and a stable government. It is the family that teaches children the values and principles that underpin a healthy and functioning society, such as respect for authority, the rule of law, and civic responsibility.

When children grow up in a stable and supportive family environment, they are more likely to become responsible and engaged citizens who contribute positively to society.

We strive to protect the integrity of the parent-child relationship against outside forces seeking to interfere with parental responsibility. This is why the Family Freedom Project is involved in supporting legislation that promotes strong families. We also advocate for policies that protect the family and preserve the rights of parents to raise and educate their children.

Examples of legislation that we have supported and championed this legislative session include:

  • Parental Rights Amendment to the Texas Constitution – this amendment would ensure parental rights are protected for future generations.
  • CPS Reform Bill – this bill would enforce greater accountability standards on CPS.

By advocating for families, we can pursue a future where society and law reflect the dignity and authority of parenthood, and preserve the ability for parents to educate and decide what is best for their families.

Join the fight for parents by signing the Parental Rights Amendment Petition.