Your kids are YOUR kids! You might be thinking, “Of course, my kids are my kids!” – and you’re absolutely right. God gave children to parents, not the government.

However, there are some elected officials and influential people who would contend that parents don’t always know what is best for their children. 

These outside parties have the ability to interfere with the inner workings of the home and make decisions on how we should raise our children. As the Texas legislature is now in session, there are some who would like to limit and restrict our parental rights to raise our children the way we see fit.

These dangers to our parental rights might sometimes seem far away when parenting on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is that there are many active threats threatening the security of our families.

  • Texas parents’ rights are mostly in the hands of federal judges who are not elected and can change their opinions at any time about parental rights.
  • Education conferences are exploring why porn literacy belongs in schools. (Source)
  • At the Supreme Court of Texas, non-parents are arguing that they should be able to usurp decision making power from parents.
  • More people are coming to the conclusion that parenting should be a shared duty and that parents shouldn’t have the final say.

These are only a few of the many instances of how the freedom we have as parents to choose what is best for our children is threatened. While the threat to parental rights is very real, we have every reason to hope.

The sanctity of the family is always a threat to corruption. Strong families build strong communities, and in turn, these strong communities lay a foundation for strong government. The family is the foundation of civilization, and strong parent-child ties are a necessity for a functioning society, not a luxury.

Families may act as a powerful force for good in their communities and governments when they are allowed to flourish and utilize the rights that God has given them. Parents have a great chance to shape not only their own children but also future generations.

You love your children the most. That is why the Family Freedom Project is here to say that families and their freedoms come first. 

We work under the premise that parents were given their children by God. As a result, parents, not the government, have a basic right to and great responsibility for raising their children.

We commend the Texas legislators who are fighting to protect parental rights, and we are pleased to stand with them in these efforts.

Representative Dustin Burrows and Senator Bryan Hughes, filed a joint resolution proposing a constitutional amendment protecting the fundamental right of parents to raise their children.

FFP’s team is prioritizing the passage of a constitutional amendment that would specifically protect the right of parents to make decisions regarding the care, custody, control, education, upbringing, moral and religious training, and medical care of their child. We are working with legislators, coalition partners, and legal experts to get this amendment passed.

Passing a Parental Rights Amendment to the Texas Constitution is one of the ways we are now fighting to guarantee that parental rights are safeguarded for future generations.

Let’s work together to protect the rights of families in raising children, guiding medical decisions, and ensuring educational freedom.

Stand with families by adding your name to our petition.